Update on LGBTQ Refugee Sponsorship

My colleague and friend Wendy Pearson writes with more news about our little group’s campaign.

The Lesbians and Gays Support Refugees team and our partner organization and Sponsorship Agreement Holder, the Metropolitan Community Church, would like to express our deep gratitude to all who have so far contributed to our campaign to bring LGBT couples or a small LGBT family or a number of LGBT individuals to London as part of the larger refugee effort.

We are very grateful and happy to be able to report that we have so far raised $23,392.36 toward our initial goal of $27,000. This means that we are now looking for our first refugee(s) to bring to London and will report back once we have the actual move here in hand. At that point, we may also be looking for volunteers with specific skills.

One thing we know we will need is someone who can help our refugee(s) with finances: budgeting, paying bills, setting up a bank account, applying for any appropriate benefits, loan repayments, and income taxes. If anyone feels confident in this area and would like to help out, please let me know.

Also, if you are still looking to donate, donations can be made by cash or cheque or online through Canada Helps.

1) Cash — bring us cash; if it’s more than $10, give us your address and you will receive a tax receipt from the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) London.

2) Cheque — make your cheque out to MCC London and write ‘LGSR’ in the memo line; make sure your address is on the cheque or provided separately. Again, MCC London will provide a tax receipt for all donations over $10.

3) Online — working with our community partner Metropolitan Community Church London, we are pleased to announce we are now accepting online donations. Online donations can be made through MCC London at Canada Helps, mentioning LGSR in the “message” area on the form. After you donate online, a tax receipt will automatically be sent to your email account. Due to the percentage taken by Canada Helps of each donation, we are asking that, if possible, all donations of over $100 be submitted by cheque (or contact us by e-mail regarding Interac transfers).

Many thanks, again, for all your generosity and offers of help.



Central High Fundraising for Syrian Refugees

I just received about $300 in cash from a bake sale run by students at London’s Central High. I will be delivering it to Wendy Pearson later this week.

Thanks so much to the bakers and the vendors!