A Big Step Backwards on Refugees

I spoke of “gloom” in my last post. The reason is that a policy which had been important in promoting private sponsorship of refugees from the crisis in and around Syria has now been suspended.

As I understand things, there had been an exemption in place which allowed Groups of Five to apply to sponsor Iraqis and Syrians who did not already have UN certification. That is, ordinarily, an overseas refugee needs to get certified first by the UNHRC (or, in certain instances, by the government where they have sought refuge), and then a sponsor in Canada can begin the application process to bring them here. Under this exemption, the Iraqi or Syrian family would instead be certified by Canadian officials overseas, once a G5 application was approved.

This exemption allowed Londoners to put forward many applications which would otherwise have been impossible — because the UN, being utterly overwhelmed with cases, had effectively stopped issuing certificates.

The upshot would seem to be that unless a potential sponsoree has UN certification already, there is no longer anything we can do to help.

Please see here for the details: http://www.rstp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/FAQ-on-Public-Policy-G5-and-CS.pdf



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