Syrian Refugees in London: A Little Positive News

Things have been moving very slowly in terms of processing refugee applications. And the news about numbers from the Federal Government is looking bleak.

In light of that, I thought some positive news would be a welcome change.

London’s Byron United Church has been a leader in bringing over families from the crisis in and around Syria. In particular, they have shared tips and training with numerous other groups. In addition, they have sponsored several extended families. Don Scanlon recently sent me a heartwarming update about two of them.

Family “O”, as I’ll call them, has four children. One is at Fanshawe, two are in high school. The youngest is polishing up his English. Both parents are already working, one full-time at a bakery.  Family “A” has three children faring very well in public school, the father has secured a well-paying job with benefits, and the family’s special needs child is getting excellent medical care.

In sum, Don reports that “everyone is genuinely happy to be here in London”.


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