List of Families Requiring Sponsors


I have compiled a list of thirteen families still looking for sponsors. If you can help to sponsor one of these, please get in touch and I will connect you with the relevant local family member. Also, please encourage your friends and associates to consider forming a group!

1) Kurdish family, parents and three children, originally from Iraq. Presently in Greece. [A family member has collected sufficient funds, but needs a sponsoring group.]

2) Parents and baby, from Syria, presently in Turkey. [A local family member has collected about half the necessary funds. About $8000 would still need to be raised.]

3) Syrian family, parents and three teenage children, now in Jordan.

4) Syrian family, parents and three year old daughter, presently in Turkey. Already registered as UN refugees.

5) Mother and father, both professionals in their thirties, and three young children. The eldest, a boy of 9, has special medical needs. All are Syrians, and are presently located in Lebanon. [A local family members has collected some funds already.]

6) Mother and father, the gentleman being a real estate agent, with five children between the ages of eight and twelve. Relatives of family #5, they too are all Syrians, and are presently located in Lebanon as well.

7) Single mother with two daughters aged six and eight. Father has been missing for three years. I am unsure where this family is originally from or where they are located at this point.

8) Mother and father and their five daughters. All are Syrians, all are presently in Turkey.

9) Mother and her six children, two minors and four adults. All are Yezidis from Iraq who are now in Turkey. All have official UN registration.

10) A young couple and their two children, presently in Turkey. I do not know where they are originally from, nor the ages of the children.

11) Eight Yezidis from Iraq, presently in a camp in Turkey. Grandmother, mother and six children between 15 and 26.

12) Mother and father and three older children, all originally from Syria. They are presently in Turkey.

13) Single mother from Syria with four small children. One is very ill. All are presently in Turkey.


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  1. Hi, I am looking to sponsor a refugee women. Single mother one or two kids. A widow who lost her families in the Syria crisis.

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