I received an email from Hana Moussa of the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre. She writes about another young man needing assistance:

A newcomer Syrian family is looking for a sponsor for their 24 year old son who is currently a refugee claimant in Germany. Their son had originally intended to settle in Germany with hopes that he can find a safe place to stay for himself and his family… The son is still very dependent on his parents for support and likewise his parents are dependent on him for support in the household because of his sibling’s difficulties.

After he left [for Germany], his parents sold all of their valuable possessions and sent the money to him because he has not been able to support himself financially. A short time after, the entire family was informed about the opportunity to come to Canada. They had no choice but to come with hopes that one day their son will follow them here.

His parents are depressed and unable to sleep at night because they are constantly worrying about him. They are having immense difficulties providing care for their children who [are already here in London and] have a high need for attention and care. The family is having a very hard time so far and cannot cope without his presence because they rely heavily on him for assistance.

His separation from the family has caused a lot of stress for his siblings because they are very attached to him and miss him dearly.


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