Student Furniture Donations?

Both Jill Barber and Ben Hill wrote to me with a good suggestion. They noted that many Western Ontario students will be graduating and moving out in the coming weeks. Every year when that happens, furniture shows up on London’s curbs. They both wonder whether there isn’t a way to have that furniture donated to arriving families?

Jill notes in particular that the Salam Community Donation Centre needs items. Ben suggests that we might help students get their items to Goodwill, which is providing vouchers to refugees.

I am sure that Western students would be keen to help, if only they knew how. Does anyone know how to get the students who are moving out connected with groups that are collecting donations? I can put volunteers in touch with Ben and Jill.


Another Call for Sponsors

My friend Emily Wood has shared the story of a Syrian family, currently living in Turkey. The husband of the family has gone missing, leaving a single mother with two daughters (ages 6 and 8).

The woman’s brother-in-law has lived in London for several years, and would like to bring the family here. They also want to bring over the grandmother, who is with the mother and her daughters in Turkey.

Not All Refugees are from the Syrian Crisis

Salah Hussein, a student here at Western Ontario, has written to me about his six family members. They are Sudanese, from Darfur, and are in a refugee camp in Ghana (West Africa).

Mr. Hussein is hoping to find a group in London which can help him sponsor them. They are ages 8, 12, 14, 15, 20 and 21.

You can reach him directly at <>, or email me.

Sponsorship Group Needed

Mr. Okba Abdulah wrote to me to share the case of a family in need of sponsorship. It is a family of three, mother, father and one year old child. They are originally from Syria, and fled because the father was to be forcefully conscripted into a militia. They are now in Turkey.

Mr. Abdulah tells me that a fund raising campaign has already begun, and is going well. But sponsorship by a group of Canadians would make a big difference.