Looking for a Group to Sponsor Two Families

I have been in touch with Mr Hussin Alhaj who resides here in London with his nuclear family. He is trying to bring over his nephew, Faisal, and the nephew’s wife and three children ages 9, 6 and 1. The nephew was an English teacher in Syria, but they all had to flee to Lebanon a year and a half ago. The 9 year-old son has special needs, so life as a refugee is especially hard.

Mr Alhaj also hopes to bring his brother Majd over. Majd worked in real estate in Syria, but he too fled with his family: wife Randa, four daughters (ages 16, 12, 11 and 8) and a son (age 9).

You may reach Mr Alhaj by email at <alhajhussin@hotmail.com>.



Funds Needed for a Family of 10

Calvary United Church, whose refugee committee has already sponsored one family, has decided to help another. And it’s a large one. “Nine plus”, as Danielle Boussen told me.

It consists of a mother and father, both in their fifties, and their five children – ranging in age from 10 to 23. There is also a daughter-in-law, and a 3 year old grandson. The daughter-in-law is also expecting in March. (Hence the ‘plus’!)

All are from Syria, and are presently in Lebanon.

If you can help with this case, please contact me, or write directly to Danielle at <danielleboussen@gmail.com>.

Information Session for Groups and Individuals Sponsoring Refugees

The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership is hosting a free information session for groups and individuals who are privately sponsoring refugees. It will take place on January 29th.

The session will provide sponsors:

  • Information on services and supports available for newcomers in our community
  • An opportunity to network and connect with services and other sponsors in our community

The session will be held at the London Muslim Mosque, 151 Oxford Street West, London N6H 1S1. Free parking is available.

Registration and refreshments start at 8:30 AM and the session will start promptly at 9 AM.

Meeting On Monday the 18th. Hosted by London Central Secondary School’s Social Justice Club

There will be presentations by refugee experts from both the Cross Cultural Learners Centre and North Park Community Church.

For directions to the school, please contact the teacher liaison for the Social Justice Club, Ms Dana Harder at <danaharder@hotmail.com>

Syrian Community Engagement_Jan_18_16 (1)

Call for Sponsors: Iranian Family of Four

Pat Shanahan, on behalf of London MP Kate Young, has put out a call to help bring a family to London. Mr. Hamzi Azimi and his extended family are already here. But his brother, sister-in-law and their two children (ages 4 and 8) were unable to flee with them. Mr. Azimi now wants to bring the four of them over, and needs help with fundraising and then processing an application.

The family are Iranians, and are presently located in Syria. (Because they have already fled their home country and sought refuge outside its borders, they count as refugees for the purposes of Canada’ sponsorship programs. Syrians still in Syria do not…)

If you can assist, please get in touch with me or email Mr. Shanahan at kate.young.c1b@parl.gc.ca.

News from Salam Community Donation Centre

I have been forwarded the following message about donations for Syrian refugees in London, from one of the collecting agencies.

You can locate them at: https://www.facebook.com/SalamDonations/?fref=nf

Thank you for all the donations that have come in but we are temporarily not taking anymore clothing except the following:

New underwear and undergarments of all sizes
Diapers and toiletries
New pyjamas
New socks
Boots of all sizes
Winter coats
Winter accessories (hats, gloves, etc.)
Personal hygiene items
High chairs
Baby formula
Clothing hangers



Appeal for Housing: Refugee Family of Six

The London Presbytery’s sponsorship program Refugees to Canada will be bringing over a family of six: mother, father, and four children under ten. They urgently require a living space.

The eight year old daughter has a medical condition that will require immediate treatment upon arrival. So, housing close to a hospital would be important.

If you can provide a place for this family, either for free or at a reduced rate, please get in touch with me or Jackie Hoeskstra at <jackiehoekstra@hotmail.com>.

Useful Government Links

Ms Sandra Datars Bere from the City of London has shared some very useful links:

The page on the London & Middlesex Immigration Portal related  specifically to support Syrian Newcomers is :


Do you need immediate assistance in referring a Syrian refugee to supports in our community?

A Message from Syrian Refugee Fund

Mariam Hamou recently sent out a general e-mail. I share its contents here:

“Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone, we’ve had over 500 volunteers sign up at our page!

We will be directing some volunteers to CCLC [Cross Cultural Learners Centre]. Given that we are dealing with a vulnerable population, there are tasks which they can perform best, given the privacy and security structures in place. If you already have a police check that is less than 12 months old, which is required for volunteering with CCLC, please let us know and we will direct you to them.

Other tasks will be coordinated by us, the Syrian Refugee Fund. These include sorting new clothing, arranging medical help, arranging tutoring, meeting the new refugees, arranging sponsorships and helping sponsors with any needs they have with their refugee family.

With regards to settlement and welcoming, there isn’t much to do until families arrive. But for those wanting to prepare effectively in advance, we are planning “boot camps” hosted by CCLC and by North Park Community Church’s Outreach Centre. If you would like to take part, please contact Rifat Hussain at rhussain@lcclc.org or Tendayi Gwaradzimba at tendayig@gmail.com respectively.

We have urgent need for assistance in community fund raising, and some need for help with sponsorship paperwork. (Here again, we may direct you to a Sponsorship Agreement Holder to be trained by and volunteer with them.)

Furthermore we have started collecting clothing, the Goodwill is collecting used clothing, household goods and furniture for refugees. Here is some information about collecting clothing: http://goodwillindustries.ca/goodwill-and-city-support-refugees/

New clothing is being collected at the London Muslim Mosque for refugees. Please call the London Muslim Mosque at 519-439-9451 to ask about collection times.

We are also still looking for sponsors as we are trying to hit the 25,000 person mark by the end of this year.

We are still taking donations, please check http://www.syrianrefugeefund.ca for donation locations.

Thank you for your kindness!”