Call for Volunteers: Syrian Refugees in London, ON

Syrian Refugee Crisis Update for Residents of London, Ontario:
A message from Syrian Refugee Fund…
Al Hamdulillah, London is expecting 100 families to arrive in London between now and December 31. More will arrive in 2016 inshallah. The effort to welcome and integrate them into the London Community is a heavy task that will require the effort and support of all of us. The Muslim Community will play an integral role with government and settlement agencies along with Church groups and other private sponsors to make their transition to a new life in London a smooth one.
Everyone is asking, “HOW CAN I HELP?”

Below is a list of services and items that are needed.


Do you have an apartment or furnished basement that a family can live in for a few months or longer? Settlement agencies are looking for suitable housing for upto 30 families to live in.


Many of our new visitors are coming with almost nothing and will need clothing for the entire family (children, adult male and female), especially warm clothing for the coming winter.  Furniture that is in mint condition will be needed to help families once they transition to their permanent housing situation.


Many volunteers are needed to help orient families to London, taking them to appointments, shopping.  If you can spare a couple of hours a week to help a family, please help.


A network of health professionals are needed to care for their complex needs which include primary care providers, specialists, psychological and mental health care providers, dentists, dental hygienists.


Legal and paralegal services are needed to aid families navigate various government agencies with form completion, notarization, document translation etc.


Many families have little or no english and will require certified and lay interpreters to help with the many appointments and meetings they will have in the early days after their arrival.


There are other families registered as refugees outside of Syria that wish to come to Canada but dont have the funds needed to be sponsored. A family of 4 is estimated to cost $20,000 to cover all settlement costs for a full year. If you or a group of individuals can commit to financially sponsoring a family, we have families waiting to come.


Most of the coming refugees will be looking for employment to help support themselves once their settlement is complete. Many are skilled in various trades and professionals. Please consider if you or your company would be able to provide any form of employment to our new guests.

Do you have any other service or skill to offer our guests not listed?  Please let us know. Any individual that will directly interact with our new guests will require to attend a short orientation and training session.

If you are able to help with any of the listed services please contact the Islamic Centre or go directly to to register your information in our database that will be made available to all settlement agencies and sponsoring groups.

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