Sponsorship “How-To”

Syrian Refugee Crisis Update for Residents of London, Ontario:

Now that the Canadian Government has agreed to fund many more refugees from the crisis in and around Syria, Londoners who want to sponsor a family may wish to shift their emphasis to “private sponsorships“.

The structure now being encouraged is:

  1. The local group is paired with a family overseas who they wish to bring over. This may involve the group collaborating with a relative or friend of the family already here in London.
  2. The local group collects funds sufficient to sponsor that specific overseas family.
  3. Once the funds are in place, the group prepares the necessary paperwork and seeks out one of the approved Sponsorship Agreement Holders to submit it on their behalf. (The SAH in question will typically hold the funds in trust until the sponsored family arrives in London.)
  4. The group takes primary responsibility for welcoming and settling the family, though making use of an emerging network of supports.

In light of this, I will be trying to pair up sponsoring groups with Londoners who have family and friends overseas requiring sponsorship. Please get in touch if you belong to either.


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