Call for Sponsors in London, Ontario

A woman from London is looking for a help in sponsoring her extended family, and the family of a friend, to come here as refugees. They are Syrians, currently in Lebanon.

She hopes to bring her parents and her three siblings. The siblings are in their late teens.

She also hopes to help a young man, a friend of the family, who is married with a three year old child and a baby on the way.

Please get in touch if you can assist.


3 responses

  1. Gillian Brant writes: “We (Byron United Church, London) have just finalized sponsorship papers for a Syrian Family with 4 children – ages , 5, 14, 15 and 17. The 17 yr. old has completed high school as a top student in Hasaka and is interested in furthering his education to become a medical doctor. He has studied English and communicates well. Please advise steps we need to take once they all arrive — hopefully early 2016 — to enable him to continue his studies. Thanking you in advance.”

  2. A follow up. I have some more information on these families. (I apologize if the details turn out to be incorrect. There’s a lot of “broken telephone” that happens…)
    Family one: Father and mother, both around 50. Plus four children: 20, 16, 10 and 7.
    Family two: Couple in early twenties with a young child and another on the way.

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