Presbytery of London to Sponsor a Syrian Family of Six

Syrian Refugee Crisis Update for Residents of London, Ontario

I have received word from Alex Scholz from the Presbytery of London that they will be sponsoring a Syrian family. He is putting out a call for community support:

The family to be sponsored is a Syrian family of six, whose oldest daughter, eight years of age, has a uterine disorder that effects her liver and is in need of surgery. We expect the family to be here by the end of December or early 2016.
The Presbytery of London is committed to sponsor this family and has already raised [$26,000]. An additional [$6000] is needed to meet the funding costs of $32,000.
Donations/cheques can be made out to Oakridge Presbyterian Church, 970 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1V4, where we collect the money for the cause at this point. The subject matter should be “Refugees To Canada”. Tax receipts will be given for donations of 20$ and more.
In additional to cash and in-kind donations, Alex is especially keen to hear about potential permanent housing arrangements.
You may contact him at <>. Alternatively, send an email to Jackie Hoekstra at <>.

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