What I Do…

I had to craft a brief statement of my research interests for the Philosophy Department’s revised webpage. Here is what I came up with…

Much of Robert Stainton’s work lies at the intersection of philosophy of language and theoretical linguistics. He is interested in “mainstream” issues, such as the syntax-semantics-pragmatics boundaries, the metaphysical grounding of linguistic facts, and the proper evidence-base for the study of human languages. However, his interests also extend to less usual subjects at said intersection, such as clinical pragmatics (especially communication deficits in Autism) and the history of philosophy of language.

Beyond language and linguistics, Stainton is able to supervise in philosophy of psychology, philosophy of mind, and epistemology. He can, in a pinch, serve on dissertation committees in Analytic metaphysics, meta-ethics and certain periods of history of philosophy.

Stainton’s most recent books, all co-authored, are Sourcebook in History of Philosophy of Language (Springer), Linguistic Content (Oxford) and The Semantics-Pragmatics Boundary in Philosophy (Broadview). He has another monograph under contract with Oxford, this one single-authored, on the metaphysics and epistemology of linguistics – but it is several years behind schedule.


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