London’s LGBT Community to Support Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee Crisis Update for Residents of London, Ontario: Further to all the great news I have been receiving regarding the support for Syrian Refugees here in London, Ontario; here is a note from my friend Wendy Pearson:

I want to bring you up to date on Lesbians and Gays Support Refugees. We have partnered with Metropolitan Community Church London (in concert with MCC Toronto, which is the actual SAH). To date we have raised about $750 with promises of another $1500 from various people. We haven’t really started active campaigning yet… However, we’re about to start active fund-raising at Western and in the LGBT community in London. We’re planning a series of events including… a screening of the film Pride alongside a silent auction (later this month or in early January) and, later in January, a community dance in the MCC space.


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  1. Wendy added this update:
    “Dear friends, we are fund-raising for Lesbians and Gays Support Refugees, an organization set up to bring LGBTQ Syrian refugees to London, ON. If you can spare even $10 to help out, we would be deeply grateful. We are trying to raise sufficient money to bring two couples or a small queer/trans family or a mix of single people and couples.

    You probably know that the need is urgent for all refugees, but LGBTQ refugees can face persecution from their own families and even within refugee camps.

    Cheques can be made out to MCC London (that’s the Metropolitan Community Church) and should have LGSR clearly marked in the subject line. The MCC will issue tax receipts for all donations of $10 or more.

    You can mail your cheques c/o Women’s Studies and Feminist Research. Lawson Hall 3260, Western University, 1151 Richmond St., London, ON, N6S 5B8.”

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