Progress on Refugees coming to London

Syrian Refugee Crisis Update for Residents of London, Ontario: I received an update today from the Mayor’s Office here in London. Beyond items reported before, there is progress happening on a range of fronts:

  • London’s two mosques are now working hand-in-hand with the Anglican Deanery here to privately sponsor several “named cases”. A welcome partnership.
  • Metropolitan United, to which many of us donated some months ago, is now supporting efforts on the ground in refugee camps. They are still collecting funds to provide medical supplies, food and clean water.
  • The Catholic Diocese here in London has raised over $100,000. The Anglican Deanery has raised more than $35,000. The latter also received monies from London donors to the Libro Credit Union account, to a total of $8500. (I was there in the Mayor’s Office when the check was handed over.)
  • My colleagues at Western Social Science, led by Prof. Victoria Esses, have already raised $35,000. They are collaborating closely with the Cross Cultural Learners Centre here in London.

The nicest bit of news is that Londoners have contributed to the cause of refugees from the Syrian crisis the most money per capita of any city in Canada.


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