Steps for Sponsoring via the Mennonite Central Committee

I couldn’t be happier to share the news, anticipated in a previous post, that the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has indeed agreed to handle the paperwork for any London-area group that wishes to sponsor a refugee family. This is exceedingly generous of them, and will make the logistics of bringing families here much easier.

There are two routes, depending upon whether your group has identified a specific refugee family overseas (“named cases”).

For such Named cases, the steps are:

  1. Fund raise enough money to cover 12 months of support. MCC has even offered to help with this: your group can create a Giving Registry with them.
  2. You draft a Settlement plan. (MCC has templates to help with this step. I can forward it upon request.)
  3. MCC assists with the government paperwork to bring the family in question to London, but some of it must be completed by your group members.

For the other cases, which will be processed via the Blended Visa Office Referred program, the process is even easier, though there are more steps:

  1. The group decides how large a family it wishes to support.
  2. As above, it fund raises enough to cover settlement. (However, if I understand correctly, only six months need be covered, since the Feds partly match the donation.) Here again, groups are allowed to use a MCC-based Giving Registry.
  3. As above, the group crafts a settlement plan.
  4. MCC receives profiles of families from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and they forward an appropriate profile to your group. You decide on a good fit, and give the “go ahead”.
  5. MCC completes all of the paperwork for you, requiring only a signature.
  6. The family arrives within one to four months.

For additional information, please see:


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