Wanted: Housing Near Victoria Hospital (and Elsewhere)

A member of our little Western Ontario Friends of Refugees group, Dr. Jenn Epp, has asked me to share a request. Her Mennonite church, Valleyview, has sponsored a family that should be here in October. They are looking for a two bedroom apartment near Victoria Hospital for the family, because they have a child who will require on-going medical treatment. If anyone knows of a place, please contact Jenn directly at: <jepp5@uwo.ca>.

Jenn is also putting together a list of potential housing options. So, if you have suggestions for that, please pass those along to her as well.


2 responses

  1. There are lots of apartments along Thompson between Wellington and Adelaide that are closest to the hospital and within easy walking distance. Jennifer is going to drive along there tomorrow and get names and see if there are any vacancy signs. The #6 Richmond bus runs down High St. directly to Victoria (5, 10 min max from High and Grand). There are apartment buildings along High and Grand as well as some scattered within a block of High St. Looking along the #6 route in old South could open up a lot of rental units within/connected to a family house. We’ll forward any specific info we find to Jenn tomorrow.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks Rob and thanks to those who sent housing suggestions. We’ve put a deposit on an apartment for the family now, so this need has been met. Do feel free to send general housing information for the potential housing list. Options near the Beacock or Jalna libraries, or near the cross cultural learning center are especially helpful, since all employ settlement workers. Walking distance to groceries, banks and bus routes are also important. Thanks again!

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