E-mail Announcement from Corrine Rahman (From Mayor Matt Brown’s Office)

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with an update on efforts to assist sponsoring refugee families into our community.  If you have an information I can pass along to the group, please send this to me and I will share it.

Fundraising and Awareness:  To date there is $23,500 in the Libro account.  Many of you are engaging in fundraising for sponsorships within your Faith-based group and as I understand it efforts are being met with much generosity.  It would be great to plan for an awareness piece next week Wednesday.  Please provide any updates I may share before then.

Group meeting:  On Monday Sept 28th at 6 pm, Robert and I would like to bring all interested parties together to discuss our plans going forward.  We will provide a location and agenda early next week.

Activities that have taken place this week and other information:

  • Website- Mariam Hamou put together a website syrianrefugeefund.ca

  • Mariam, Rania and others attended a LifeLine Syria Toronto information session.

  • We heard from St. Andrew Memorial they are working on a Group of 5 sponsorship

  • A group of Physicians is fundraising to support efforts in the Community

  • The Mosque will host an Eid Dinner on Sept 26th with proceeds benefiting their sponsorship efforts.

  • Connected with a group of physicians about providing medical support to families as soon as they arrive.


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