News on the Sponsorship Front

1) Monies are flowing in to our joint campaign. Londoners can donate to it: at Libro Credit Union, via either of London’s mosques, or via the Metropolitan United Church. If you denote using the latter, we can identify the funds as from “us”, i.e., from Western Ontario Friends of Refugees. But if the former two are more convenient, or simply more aligned with your preferences, that’s fine: the important thing is to get the funds collected. By tomorrow, you should be able to donate online to the Metropolitan United Church. Alternatively, you can also simply mail a cheque to:

Rev. Jeff Crittenden, “Syrian Appeal”, Metropolitan United Church
468 Wellington Street , London, Ontario N6A 3P8

Please remember to include your home address, full name, and Social Insurance Number.

2) Other groups in London are collecting too. Western’s Faculty of Social Sciences has just launched an appeal. Central High school as well.

3) Metropolitan UC has already been assigned a refugee family! (No details yet.) And I have received numerous e-mails from people here in London who have family and friends that require sponsorship. So, the “bottleneck” that I referred to previously may be less of an impediment that I feared. Fingers crossed.

4) I have just today made contact with the Mennonite Central Committee, through my friend Jenn Epp. This may prove important because they are “Sponsorship Agreement Holders” with the Federal Government. That means, I think, that we can use their existing channels for bringing the families here, without having to be vetted by the Feds.

More news soon. Thanks for your interest and support


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